Children’s Hospital LA has touched the lives of many families in Southern California; ours included. We want to give back. We also want to spread the word about the amazing resources that they have available. We want our kids to have an active role in this and to encourage them to be charitable.

We have designed personalized collection jars and are asking you to put inside them your spare change. While it may be a few cents or a few dollars, it can really add up over time. We will deliver them to you and pick them up a few months later. Hopefully, you will want us to drop off another jar and the cycle can start again. Even better would be to drop off a couple jars so you can give them to your friends or family members who may want to participate.

With each couple-month cycle, we will use the money to fund a specific initiative. These may be child life services oriented like carts with tvs, dvd players and video games that kids can use to distract them from the many hours they are receiving treatment. These may be books to help explain to kids and their families what is happening and offer suggestions for the future. These may be holiday presents or a Thanksgiving dinner for kids in the hospital over festive periods. The goal is to find initiatives that cut across multiple departments at the hospital or clinics and which improve the in-patient and out-patient experience.

All of the administrative costs of this program are being donated by the Kreshek, Stromsborg and Apfelberg families. 100% of the money collected in the jars will be donated to CHLA.

Please participate in whatever level you can. Please also follow us on Twitter and Instagram and share your stories. Together we can make a difference.