Theo A.

This jar helps Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. It helps them by raising money which can be used to make the lives of the kids who are there better. Please put your spare change into the jar and fill it up as much as you can. We will come pick it up from you in a few months. If it is full sooner, just call us and we will come get the jar then. The money from this jar will help buy some carts that have a TV and a DVD player or PlayStation. The kids in the hospital will be able to watch movies or play games while they are getting treatment.

The reason that I love Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is that they helped Marley with her eyes so she did not need surgery. They also helped me with my asthma when I couldn’t breathe as a baby. We want to say “thank you” for what they did for us by raising money and using it for something that makes kids feel better. Please keep in touch with us at Together we can change lives one jar at a time.™