Change 4 Children’s 2018 School Challenge

To coincide with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month as well as the Christian and Jewish holidays, Change 4 Children’s Foundation has launched the first annual September School Challenge. St. Mel, Heschel Day School and Notre Dame High School have joined forces to support Change 4 Children’s mission of funding child-life services projects and initiatives at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Each school handed out Change 4 Children’s jars and asked the students to fill them up by the end of September. The challenge is to see which school has the highest percentage of students that participate (though some classrooms within a school have challenged each other and we heard that the second and third graders both think they can top the other grade).

Our goal is to facilitate kids helping other kids and for the students to learn that giving back is just as important for children as for adults and that every penny or dollar counts. When the contents of all the jars are combined, they will see first hand the significant impact that they made on the lives of the patients at CHLA. It has been extremely moving to see kids of all ages, faiths, orientations and backgrounds work together on a common cause to make the world a better place.

Change 4 Children’s will hold a Spring School Challenge in early 2019. If you are interested in exploring your school participating, please register below.

We are grateful for the efforts of St. Mel, Heschel Day School and Notre Dame High School. They know, as we do, that you can change lives one jar at a time.

2019 Spring School Challenge Registration